Injection Molding History In China

Injection Molding History In China


Injection molding is a kind of high molecular weight synthetic polymer material

injection molding is a kind of high molecular weight synthetic polymer material, which is mainly composed of synthetic resin with high molecular weight and other additives Generally, the relative molecular weight is more than 10000,and some can reach million

 It is plastic under heating and pressure, and flexible at room temperature We can use mold to get the shape and size of injection molded parts we need. Other additives mainly include fillers, plasticizers, curing agents, stabilizers and other additives.

 China's injection molding industry started in the early 1950s On the eve of the founding of the people's Republic of China, only a few big cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan had plastic parts processing plants only phenolic and celluloid injection molding

 In 1949, the total output of injection molding in China was only 200 tons. Since 1958, China's first synthetic phenolic injection molding began, China's injection molding industry has developed rapidly In 1979, the output was 

948000 tons, which increased sharply to 1354200 tons in 1988 and reached 2 million tons in 2000. In recent 20 years, the output and variety have increased greatly, and many novel engineering injection molding have been put into mass production.

 At present, China's total output of plastic parts has jumped to the second place in the world. According to statistics, in the world, the amount of injection molding has doubled almost every five years in recent decades, and it is expected to double 

every eight years in the future

The development prospect of injection molding industry in China is broad, and the development potential of western region is huge. Nowadays, China's injection molding market is huge and contains unlimited business opportunities. 

Today, China's injection molding products, together with steel, wood and cement, constitute the four basic materials in modern society. They are one of the important materials to support the development of modern high technology

 Injection molding products industry is the pillar industry of China's light industry. In recent years, China's injection molding industry has developed rapidly, and its growth rate is far higher than the average growth rate of the world 

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