Development prospect of plastic injection mold

Development prospect of plastic injection mold


What is the manufacturing trend of plastic mold?

From the current situation, the processing and manufacturing of plastic mold accounts for a large proportion in all industries. In fact, their proportion is basically 30%. Of course, all the mold between the import and export business. It is as high as 50% to 70%. In recent years, in the actual processing, domestic plastic mold has developed rapidly, and gradually extended to most plastic products, providing more kinds of plastic mold.

In the overall manufacturing process, many people are most concerned about the overall trend. In the future mold market, the development speed of the entire plastic mold will be faster, and the proportion of the existing mold industry will be further improved. What is the manufacturing trend of plastic mold?

1:From the existing plastic mold processing and manufacturing situation, the production efficiency of the whole mold processing is very high, and with the increase of part size. In the process of mold processing, the change of processing method increases, so basically the whole mold has a relatively large tonnage compared with the present, and even many large molds can reach more than 100 tons. The process of handling these molds is also different from that of the entire machine table or some other bearings, resulting in high load consistency of bearing stiffness and height

2:In the process and manufacture of plastic mold, the hardness should be considered, and the mold processing equipment should have a certain degree of thermal stability and high reliability.

3:From the current situation, the processing and manufacturing of plastic mold itself is a more complex process. Due to the complex geometry of the parts, all the molds have different levels in the actual integrity or manufacturing process, and in the actual machining, different grooves and different materials need to be used in order to better and form various parts to meet the requirements of multi-functional composite processing.

When processing and manufacturing plastic mold, it can also show the complexity of mold processing, which can further highlight the complexity and efficiency of the whole processing equipment, and cause more attention. Reliable high-speed machining performance and the influence from the material point of view or even smooth machining will affect, but the overall deformation of the parts is relatively small, these advantages make all plastic mold processing possible.