What are the structural components of automobile injection mold

What are the structural components of automobile injection mold


auto injection mold has basically become the most common product in our real life

autoinjection mold has basically become the most common product in our real life. This kind of product can bring us better use protection in the process of actual use. At present, what most people want to know is what kind of structure automobile injection mold will have. When we choose this kind of product, we should integrate different situations Do research, because different product structure will change more or less.

Injection molded parts can be seen in automobile injection molds. These molded parts will have different materials, such as different material shapes or different material structures and material sizes. Generally speaking, these molded parts may have many differences. For example, they are usually composed of different products, and there are many concave parts Convex products and thread shaped products, and some products are all embedded in it.

Pouring system, automobile injection mold in these actual processing process, completely has its own pouring system, this system can completely lead the molten plastic from the nozzle of the injection machine to the outside channel, generally speaking, there are mainstream channel and diversion channel to carry out comprehensive pouring, and they can make a comprehensive pouring experience in various places. In the process of comprehensive processing of automobile injection mold, in order to ensure that the original coating and coating closing can be accurately aligned with each wire part, play a decisive guiding role, they are composed of various guide pillars and guide sleeves. Generally speaking, some automobile injection molds may set relevant guiding devices on the top plate Parts, to the greatest extent to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the stripping machine.

Demoulding mechanism, in the process of comprehensive setting of automobile injection mold, can effectively realize the structure of all parts of the device. There are relatively many structural forms, the most commonly used will have a variety of different structures, generally speaking, these different copper film structures, they will have a variety of different ejector fixed plate, and some roof or related guide sleeve and other product material groups