Characteristics of injection mold in the world

Characteristics of injection mold in the world


The plastic injection mold manufacturing industry in the United States, Japan, Germany

At present, China, the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, the six major plastic injection mold manufacturing countries of mold output value occupies an absolute position in the world, China's mold output value is the world's largest.

The plastic injection mold manufacturing industry in the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries has the following characteristics in production and operation

1) Personnel streamlining: most of the mould enterprises in Europe, America and Japan are small in scale, and the number of employees is less than 100. The number of mould enterprises is generally 20-50. The allocation of all kinds of personnel in the enterprise is very simple, with one person holding more than one post, and there are no idle people in the enterprise.

2) Adopting specialization and precise product positioning: most mold factories determine their own product positioning and market positioning based on the needs of automobile, electronic and other industries for all kinds of molds. In order to survive and develop in the market competition, each mold manufacturer has its own advantage technology and products, and adopts professional production mode. Most mold enterprises in Europe, America and Japan have a group of long-term cooperative mold users, and a group of mold manufacturers around large mold companies.

3) Advanced management information system, integrated management: European and American mold enterprises, especially large-scale mold enterprises, basically achieve computer management. Computers are widely used in production planning, process planning, quality inspection, inventory and statistics. All departments in the company can share information through computer network.

In the past decade, China's mold manufacturing technology has made a qualitative leap. The mold industry has grown rapidly from small to large, and has become a world mold manufacturing power. We can call this stage the first take-off of China's mold. With the development of China's automobile industry, independent brands are marching to the middle and high end, and new energy vehicles are rising. The market has put forward new demands for us, which requires us to move from low-end mold to high-end mold, from a big mold country to a powerful mold country, so as to realize the second take-off of China's mold. How to realize the transformation from low to high, from large to strong, and how to realize the second leap of China's mold industry are the problems that every Chinese mold factory should think about